Accredited course

On October 10, 2021, an accredited occupational safety training program was launched.

As soon as the accreditation process of the organization is completed, the HSE Group will start training occupational safety specialists.

Those interested can take the training of an occupational safety specialist with a full program (230 hours), as well as with a part-time program at low and medium risk facilities (148 hours).

In case of accredited program to low and medium risk objects, it is impossible to employ a specialist for high-risk, heavy, harmful and dangerous work. The list of works can be found at the link:

The accredited program includes both theoretical and practical training and includes the following modules:

1. Introduction to Occupational Safety Management
2. Organic Law of Georgia “Labor Code of Georgia”
3. Organic Law of Georgia on Labor Safety
4. National legislative regulations in the field of labor law
5. International standards in the field of occupational safety
6. Threat identification, risk assessment and management
7. Industrial Accident and Incident Investigation - Accounting, Registration, Reporting
8. Occupational diseases - classification, registration and control of occupational diseases and the diseases due to profession
9. Electrical and fire safety
10. Classification of chemicals and safety rules
11. Hygienic requirements for the microclimate of industrial premises
12. Individual and collective protection measures
13. Occupational hygiene: chemical, physical, biological and psychosocial factors; measuring tools and practical skills in their use
14. Safety signs and markings in the workspace
15. Planning and implementation of emergency measures; evacuation plan
16. Environmental issues in the field of occupational safety
17. Cargo shipment
18. Work at heights
19. Standards and rules for working with flammable and explosive substances
20. Occupational safety when working with machinery, equipment and other work tools
21. Methods and directions of conducting trainings and instructions
22. Creating a safe and healthy work environment for employees with special needs
23. First aid
24. Occupational safety in the construction sector
25. Occupational safety in the mining industry and / or heavy processing industry
26. Occupational safety in light industry
27. Occupational safety in the service sector and during office activities
28. Occupational safety in the medical field

Upon completion of the training, the trainee will pass a certificate exam at a special examination center. Upon successful completion of the examination, he / she will receive a certificate of Occupational Safety Specialist and will have the right to discharge the duties assigned to a specialist.