Introduction of labor safety system

HSE Group offers companies a labor safety system implementation service, that meets the requirements of labor safety legislation and international standards.

The following measures are taken to create a safe working space in the company:

  • Actual inspection of work spaces by the occupational safety specialist, observation of the processes
  • Identification of threats and assessment of the risks at appropriate intervals and in the manner prescribed by law.
  • Identification of appropriate corrective measures
  • Development of occupational safety documentation - occupational safety policy, COVID-19 response plan, fire safety rule, emergency management plan, policy for working with a contractor, etc.
  • Development of safety instructions in accordance with the current work processes in the company - work on stairs, work on scaffolding, equipment, tools, chemicals, etc.
  • Reporting on the current situation in the company in terms of occupational safety
  • Staff training - conducting both mandatory and targeted training and instruction

In the first stage of the introduction of the occupational safety system, the customer will be familiarized with an individually developed action plan according to the measures to be taken and the periodicity.