About us

About us

„HSE Group“ is one of the leading companies in the field of occupational safety consulting in Georgia; it was established in 2016 and has been operating in the local market for more than 5 years. Since its foundation, the company has aimed to raise awareness of occupational safety, create a safe work environment in partner companies and provide high quality services in accordance with national law as well as international standards. During this time, the “HSE Group” team has elaborated and developed services, approaches and quality management strategies tailored to both large and medium-sized businesses. It takes into account the requirements, specifics of the partner organization and creates a flexible system of communication. The company is highly trusted by customers and partners.

In the partner companies, the experienced team of occupational safety specialists of the „HSE Group“ plans the activities provided by the occupational safety system: risk assessment, determination of preventive measures, development of safety procedures, training of employees and others. At present, the “HSE Group” implements the occupational safety system in more than 100 companies across the country and enjoys the trust of clients and partners.

Our activities are focused on ensuring a safe working environment and strengthening occupational safety as a sector. To this end, we are introducing methods and strategies that will have a lasting effect and enable companies to continue operations with minimal risk.

Our History


Date of founding of the “HSE Group”


„HSE Group“ has already provided labor protection and technical safety services to more than 20 partner companies


Yet before the law was tightened, the „HSE Group“ was actively working on occupational safety and in a short time increased the number of partners to 35.


Long-term cooperation is a priority for the „HSE Group“. By the end of 2019, the „HSE Group“ has up to 50 successful projects on its balance sheet.


The pandemic was a year of challenges for the „HSE Group“. Our team was able to quickly adapt and provide measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in organizations


As a result of 5 years of active work, the number of „HSE Group“ team and its partners has increased. In 2021, a team of professionals serves up to 100 leading companies in Georgia