Labor rights of minors

Child labor has long been a problem in our global society. This is an issue that crosses borders and affects millions of children. However, in the last decade, there has been a significant turn against child labor and the fight to eliminate it has begun globally. Consider some of the steps we have taken in

Accidents in the workplace

Ten years ago, workplace safety was not as important a topic as it is today. However, as the business has grown and evolved, so has our understanding of the importance of employee protection. Let’s consider some of the main changes that we have seen in recent decades: Regulations and Compliance: Governments and industry bodies have
In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, the well-being of employees has become a top priority for organizations. Although safety measures have been widely discussed and implemented, unsafe working conditions can have profound consequences for employees’ mental health and overall well-being. In this blog, we examine the complex relationship between workplace safety and employee mental
Promoting a safe work environment is a top concern for organizations in a variety of industries. The importance of workplace safety initiatives cannot be overstated, as they not only protect employees from potential hazards, but also help increase productivity and culture. One powerful approach to increasing the effectiveness of these initiatives is to involve employees

Chemical management

Chemicals are an integral part of many industries, playing an important role in manufacturing, maintenance, and more. However, failure to properly handle and store chemicals can have serious consequences, including workplace accidents, injuries, and environmental pollution. Ensuring compliance with occupational safety legislation and international standards is a key responsibility of businesses, particularly when dealing with
From September 2019, the organic law on labor safety entered into force, the purpose of which is to determine the basic requirements and general principles of preventive measures related to labor safety issues at the workplace, existing or expected threats, prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, and employee training. This law applies to all branches
From December 1, 2021, the “Technical Regulations on Machines and Equipment, according to which: Each product must have a declaration of product conformity, relevant instructions written in Georgian and information related to safe use of the product. Ensuring the safety of the workforce in the industrial sector is a major concern for businesses, especially when
Fire safety is an indispensable aspect of any workplace and it is of great importance to businesses. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why fire safety measures are important to your company’s well-being and the problems you can avoid. Finally, we will answer the question: is fire safety an expense or a necessary investment? Consequences
Fire is a serious problem for both the modern world and Georgia; therefore it is necessary to maintain the labor, health and fire safety systems and to take targeted action timely to minimize the risk of accidents and hazards. Accordingly, legislation developed and applicable our country regulates and obliges organizations to create a safer environment

Labor safety revolution

In human life today, service occupies a central part and it has become a defining part of the personality, where you work is equal to who you are. This process begins with the industrial revolution. As soon as the first factories appeared, the population refused to cultivate the land and chose to be employed in